Welcome to the Enrollment Help Site


In this process you will be asked to select the Farms and Fields you wish to be part of the FSH program. You will also be asked for information about those fields. You will need the following information available before you start the process. 

  • Mailing Address 
  • USDA Core Customer Identification Number (CCID) 
  • USDA Farm, Tract, and Field numbers for all enrolled fields  
  • Farmer taxpayer identification number (SSN, EIN, etc.)

The program is available for 3 years. During that time, we will request additional documentation and demographics to support the program’s goals. Some of these demographics will include: 

  • Historically Underserved and Small producer status  
  • Beginning farmers 
  • Socially disadvantaged farmers  
  • Veteran farmers
  • Limited resource farmers
  • Women farmers 

We will guide you through the process.